Isolation Begins

My boss called me this afternoon and asked me to ‘stay home, stay healthy’ this week. I’ve worked in four different departments there and if shit hits the fan and they need someone they know is healthy because they haven’t been in the building, they’ll be calling me. My husband has been working from home and … More Isolation Begins

Bedroom Renovation

Well, I am finally on summer break from school. Which means two things. One – I can update here more and two – we are renovating our bedroom. It will be a fairly similar process to when we renovated our spare room, which you can look back on in my entry Spare Room, only this time we … More Bedroom Renovation


Tomorrow – this will be me: I am SUPER nervous but I am trying to make the most out of my last day of unemployment vacation. This morning and most days this last week, I got up and went straight to work doing more sanding and mudding on our spare room. Considering we want smooth … More Unemployment

Spare Room

Over the Labor Day weekend, Matt and I decided it was a good time to purchase some drywall and put them up in the spare room. Finally! I have dreams of having a guest room but I think Matt has something different in mind. Back in January we had torn down the old drywall and … More Spare Room

Move in ready

Let’s get back to talking about home improvement. It had to have been a matter of days after we got the keys to the house before Matt and I took a hammer and a crowbar to the wall in the living room and the kitchen. We took all of the wood paneling off and then … More Move in ready

The Murphy Bed

The tale of the murphy bed has proven to be the worst/most interesting accident to happen to us since we got this house. The fact that this is the worst story we have to tell makes me thank my lucky stars that nothing else too horrible has happened. Although, there was that one time Matt … More The Murphy Bed

The beginning

A little over a year ago my boyfriend bought a house. Built in 1947 and located just north of Seattle (although still in Seattle city limits – this was VERY important), our charming little rambler has yellow vinyl siding, is extremely outdated and is slanted. Yes, slanted. Should you decide to put a marble on … More The beginning