Isolation Begins

My boss called me this afternoon and asked me to ‘stay home, stay healthy’ this week. I’ve worked in four different departments there and if shit hits the fan and they need someone they know is healthy because they haven’t been in the building, they’ll be calling me. My husband has been working from home and with me self isolating as well we are near guarantee to stay healthy – fingers crossed that is.

However, with Matt telecommuting and me being home all week there’s only one way this is going to end. Pregnancy or divorce.

I’m just kidding.

I’m actually going to be working on our bonus room that has been the bane of my existence since we moved into this house. We call it a bonus room because it doesn’t have a door (I believe it had some sort of accordion style type door before) but it does have a closet. We’ve used the room as storage for the entire seven years we’ve lived here and only within the last few months have been working on getting going with fixing it up. Time and money have been a factor and now that I have an entire week off I’m excited to see what I can get done in there.

Stay tuned Seattle!

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