Fall, Early Mornings, Island Getaways and Pumpkin Patches

There has been so much going on yet I have no idea how to organize it all together. So I’ll just dive in I guess.

Fall is here and it is beautiful! I feel very fortunate to go to a school that has such a beautiful campus. I love fall and I admire the changing leaves each day.

photo 1

photo 2
My favorite tree!

Above is my favorite tree on campus. I love the red and that it’s so vibrant and colorful against the other two trees surrounding it.

The week before last, I started skills lab at school which is every Thursday until mid November. I have an early 7am class and walking through the campus that first morning was just terrifying. I was pretty sure I saw a wild cat but then I realized it was a tree stump. Oh, did I also mention that the school is basically in the woods?

photo 4
Campus around 645am. Completely deserted.

With the start of skills comes us having to wear our scrubs. Although they are not the most flattering thing (what scrubs are?) it sure made us all feel awesome strolling into class that day.

photo 3
My “forest green” scrubs

Last weekend, to get out of the city, Matt, his two cousins and I, went to their grandparents cabin on Vashon Island. In the nearly 3 years we’ve been together, I had never been to Vashon! It was a fun little island and I enjoyed the small town ways. It was sunny and beautiful when we first arrived, but when we went to grab groceries at the store it started to just downpour. We were fortunate enough that the sun decided to come back out again later that day. Like I said before, the downpours don’t typically last for long around here.

photo 1
View from the front porch of the cabin

We walked down to the beach and skipped rocks and enjoyed this beautiful view.

photo 2

photo 4
Matt, Phoebe and Zoe skipping rocks

On our way back to the cabin from the beach, the others showed me this house that is surrounded by brush right across the street from the cabin. Apparently the owner died and their kids didn’t want it and so it lies abandoned.

photo 3

photo 1

It was very creepy – I would’ve taken more pictures but the house inside was pretty dark. We had to use our cell phone flashlights to look at some stuff. Very cool!

After that, I had heard about this bike that was stuck in a tree somewhere on Vashon and was hoping to see it. Apparently it was super close to the cabin, and quite a tourist attraction. The bike used to have it’s front wheel and handle bars, but someone stole them.

photo 4

I read a random article online about the legend of the bike – that it had been left behind by a solider during World War 1 who was shipped out the next day, died in battle and therefore never returned for the bike. However, that it not the case and it seems there are different theories, the most reasonable being some kid in the 50’s just didn’t care for his bike. You can read the article here.

Matt’s grandparents have a zipline at their cabin. I had never been ziplining before – professionally or otherwise so it was fun to try it out! Here’s a bad ass picture I took of Matt on the zipline.

photo 5

We stayed only one night at the cabin but it was definitely fun to get out of the city for a night!

This past weekend Matt and I went to the pumpkin patch with some friends. It’s a tradition my friend Megan and I started 3 Octobers ago and so this was our third trip to Thomas Family Farm.



It is always fun to be able to get out, enjoy the fresh air and pick out your own pumpkins.


All ready for Halloween!

Thanks for catching up!

3 thoughts on “Fall, Early Mornings, Island Getaways and Pumpkin Patches

  1. Those are such pretty pictures! Was zip lining fun? I’ve never been before either! Looks like Matt had fun though!

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