Halloween & a 5k

You know what’s crazy is how much time being in school has taken up. I’m not complaining, I seriously love school, I’m doing well and learning a lot. But let me tell you – stress level = CRAZY. There is always SO MUCH SHIT TO DO. For example – this week: Monday I had my written final, Monday, Tuesday and today was going over a Dementia book, today was a test on Dementia, tomorrow is my skills lab test and Friday – well I actually am not sure what we have going on but I need to start reading a new book soon. Regardless, it’s been crazy and the last 2 days I have sacrificed my fitness to study.

And that just sucks.

So today I decided school wasn’t THAT important and went to the gym. Just kidding – it’s important but I feel pretty ok about my test tomorrow and decided I would go crazy without pumping some iron.

Okay, done rambling.

Friday was Halloween. I LOVE Halloween. Last year we had a house party and I wished we could’ve done one this year but due to my lack of a job we decided it would be really stupid to have one. So instead we went to Matt’s friend Ross’ party. I invited my friend Tricia to come along and we carpooled over. On MY suggestion, Tricia was an 80’s exercise chick, Matt was a sock monkey? and I was a pirate wench, reusing an old costume I bought like 3 years ago.


I know, we’re pretty sexy. It ended up being a lot of fun. Matt and I didn’t get to bed until 1am which is late for us these days and we slept until like 1030 the next morning (LATE for us), got up for 3 hours then went BACK to bed at 2pm and slept until 5pm. I mean, seriously, I’m only 27, but when did staying out until 1am set me back an entire day? Lord.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to feel too guilty about doing absolutely nothing all day because on Sunday we had to wake up early to run in a 5k in Carnation – about 45 minutes from our house.

The run was called Run Evan In. Back in September, a 28 year old guy named Evan Sebenius was participating in his first half marathon called Beat The Blerch in Carnation. At mile 10 he collapsed and later died. So for the 5k on Sunday, we ran those last 3 miles for him. I didn’t know Evan, my dad had met him once or twice and he was a friend of a friend, but regardless the story is tragic and I was happy to participate in the run with my dad, my brother, Matt and our friend Sean.

L-R – Sean, me, my dad, my brother Joseph and Matt


Me running in the Run Evan In 5k

I can’t remember the last time I ran a 5k. It was probably the Color Run Seattle I did in May 2013. I’ve only recently gotten into running on a regular basis, beginning my journey on Easter Day this year. I came home from being with my family and it was such a beautiful day I just decided to go for a run. The first route I took was a little over 1.5 miles and I continued that until it got easy for me, which surprisingly didn’t take long. After that, I lengthened my run and now run about 2.5 miles a couple times a week, without stopping. For someone who has always hated running, this is quite the accomplishment for me. If you’re wondering, no, I didn’t stop during the 5k, and I think my time was about 30 minutes. I am not the fastest runner, nor do I care to be. Though you can run in groups, or do fun races together, in the end it’s all about you and what you yourself have accomplished. I’m not out there to beat anyone else. I’m out there to do me.

I’ve been having some issues lately with my foot while running, I thought it might be plantar fasciitis but after researching a bit I don’t think it is. I’m hoping that it can be cured with a new pair of running shoes of which I am in desperate need of but too cheap to buy. Due to this, my running habits have been inconsistent lately, that and the fact that we have gotten into the rainy season in Seattle. However, the last few times I’ve been to the gym – even today, I’ve gotten caught in the pouring rain on the run back home (I live just a few blocks from my gym) and it can be extremely invigorating. I’m pretty sure I’ll be stepping outside for a run tomorrow after class – rain or shine.

That’s about all I have for now – until next time – run safely Seattle!


9 thoughts on “Halloween & a 5k

  1. I love running in the rain! I remember when you used to think I was crazy for saying that! That sounds like a really cool 5k and I’m glad you were able to go out there and do you because that’s what it’s all about! I’m proud of you chickadee!

      1. Hahah! Would you want to volunteer with me to get a free race bib for a Turkey Trot?

      2. Okay – first I was confused because I thought you were just getting a bib and I’m like wtf why would I just want a bib. Okay, a bib to participate. Got it.

        Now I’m confused more – when/where do we volunteer? For that race? Before it? For a different race? I don’t understand!

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