Plot Twist!


Embarrassment has kept me from writing this entry. I’ve finally gotten to a place where I feel comfortable sharing – so here goes:

I am no longer taking classes. To sum up – I quit school. Although quit is a nasty word I would rather not use.

After taking and retaking classes in order to get my pre-requisites done to apply for nursing school, I’d finally had enough. My entire identity was revolving around school and what grade I got on that homework, that lab, that test. And I hated it. I was stressed out, depressed and broke. I hated not feeling as if I were good at anything, I hated crying all the time, I hated being poor. All I wanted was to be GOOD at something. So after failing Anatomy and Physiology a second time, I was done.

I’ve spent the last couple of months on a new journey of self discovery. After being on the nursing school path for so long I had suddenly found myself a 30 year old college dropout with no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I had absolutely no idea where to start so I began to brainstorm about what I was most interested in. My ideas ranged from construction, to landscaper, to government employee. But I was getting nowhere.

After a few weeks of that and getting irritated whenever someone would say “what about *insert new life changing job that I obviously hadn’t thought of*”, Matt and I sat down and made a list of what companies I could be interested in and what I wanted out of a job (full time, benefits, 401k, etc.) I decided I didn’t want to work for corporate America but would prefer smaller places such as non profits or local companies. One of the places on my list was a local plant nursery that we’ve frequented since we bought our house. They had an admin job open and with the help of a friend who knows someone there, I got an interview. On Thursday they offered me the job.

Yesterday I put my two week notice in at work. I’m so excited to begin this next chapter in my life but sad to leave literally the best job I’ve ever had. I’ve learned so much about people, old and young alike, and made so many friends who have turned into family. I ran across an old blog entry I wrote the same day I was offered this job and I found it interesting that somehow I just knew this place would change my life. I wasn’t wrong.

So here’s to the next chapter of my life – whatever it may bring.

6 thoughts on “Plot Twist!

  1. We have to go through what we have to go through to get to where we’re going. I’m so proud of you.

  2. Well said my dear. Life is a journey, with everyone’s journey different. The day they put you in the ground is the day your journey ends. It’s never to late to restart your life.

  3. I’m sad that you have to leave a job you really enjoy to start your new chapter but I’m so excited for you to begin your new journey! I’m so proud of you lady! You never give up!

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