Boudoir Photo Shoot

I’m struggling with how exactly to begin this blog entry. So I guess I’ll just come right out and say it: I did a Boudoir photo shoot.

Why was I struggling with how to open this? Honestly, I have no idea what the general opinion on Boudoir is. I try to remember how I felt about it before I did it and realized I had no opinion as it wasn’t anything I ever gave much thought to.

In any case – it was brought to my attention that it would make a nice birthday gift for Matt. What I didn’t realize was that it was actually a gift for myself.

Body shaming comes in all forms. Whether you’re fat, skinny, too dark, too pale, or even look too old or too young – the list goes on. I’m no stranger to it and it can definitely get you down. As a student struggling to make passing grades, my health has gone by the wayside and I haven’t exactly been feeling my best lately. So it honestly came as surprise to me when I realized I had just bought a Groupon for this photo shoot with the intent of redeeming it within the next few weeks – definitely not enough time to get into “shape”. But I soon learned it would not be a problem.

The shoot was at the Hotel Sorrento in downtown Seattle. A beautiful, historic landmark that is supposedly haunted – which somehow just seemed fitting.

The company I went through is owned by a married couple. The wife, Amanda, met me in the lobby and took me down the hall to get my hair and makeup done. That process took about an hour and in that time I deliberately didn’t look into any mirrors – somewhat risky considering that the entire purpose of my visit was a photo shoot. But I had no regrets. The second I saw myself in the mirror I swore – not uncommon of me but this was from actual surprise. I had no idea I could look so…grown up.

Although I’ve just turned 30 I don’t look it at all. Something I’m told constantly – even today in fact. I know I’ll “love it” when I’m older but as a result I’ve never in my life felt – for lack of a better word – sexy. But on this day – I did.

After hair and makeup I was taken upstairs to one of the rooms where the photographer, and Amanda’s husband Jeph, was. As soon as I got there we started talking like old friends and all the nervous feelings I had melted away. We went through my clothes to discuss the five “costume” changes I could do and he explained to me the packages and the process.

After the first few photos were taken Jeph came over to show me what they looked like, untouched. As I stared at the photos, my mouth gaping open, looking at what apparently were photos of myself, Jeph just looked at me and said “Yeah, that is you. No touch ups. Just you.”

Well, with good lighting and a lot of makeup of course.

The rest of the shoot I felt so confident. So sexy. So comfortable in my own skin.

I don’t know what the general consensus on Boudoir photography is among general population but this girl – excuse me, woman – gives it a thumbs up.

Stay sexy, Seattle.

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One thought on “Boudoir Photo Shoot

  1. WOAH!!!! Look at you! Holy crap! Those photos are so hot! Wow!! I’m so happy you were able to have this experience and it changed how you felt about yourself. I might just have to do this for myself!

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