Connor’s Story

A few weeks ago I pulled out my old breast pump for my husband to fix. As soon as I saw it time seemed to stop and I was transported back to the time I had used it last, nearly a year ago. I was overcome with emotion and began to cry. It had nothing … More Connor’s Story

To the New Year

I’ve been trying to write this entry for about 3 days and I don’t feel like the words are flowing. So unfortunately, to get it all out – I’m going to resort to listing a bunch of stuff. So here it goes: Memorable things I did in 2014: Quit my job and went back to … More To the New Year


It’s funny how at the most random times – when you stop, slow down and take a moment to yourself, something can blind side you, hit you like an oncoming train with absolutely no warning. There are things that can haunt you, years after they’ve happened, something you won’t be thinking of but is constantly … More Grandpa