To the New Year

I’ve been trying to write this entry for about 3 days and I don’t feel like the words are flowing. So unfortunately, to get it all out – I’m going to resort to listing a bunch of stuff. So here it goes:

Memorable things I did in 2014:

Quit my job and went back to school – This year I decided to turn my life completely upside down and though I continue to constantly say it was (and still is) scary and a huge challenge, I regret nothing.

Lost 9 pounds – I started running and without even changing my diet (though I eat VERY healthy anyway!) I lost 9 pounds! Which makes me excited and motivates me to continue running.

Trusted more – I trusted more. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had to put a lot of faith and trust into Matt. I like to make my own way in this world. But when someone is believing in me and putting faith in me – I have to have faith in that.

Spoke my mind and grew up – These last two kind of roll together into one. Ever since I was about 24 years old, I feel as if I have a better grasp on life. And each year, I feel that grasp getting tighter and tighter. I just feel more aware of things. I care less about things that don’t matter and care more about the things that do. I don’t put up with bullshit. Period. I’ll speak my mind and tell you what I honestly think. I’m not going to sugar coat it. What’s the point? You are given one life to live – you might as well be as completely honest as you possibly can be.

Now below is my list of resolutions for 2015.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2015:

Run a Half Marathon

Stay healthy

Eat healthier

Dominate school

Save money

Pass my nursing assistant state test on Jan 16th!

Acquire a nursing assistant job


Stay awesome

Cut stress

Drink less

Love more


Most of these don’t need to be explained. I just have this new outlook on life these days. I have so much going on – 2015 is about to get crazy 1

As of a few days ago – I am officially a volunteer at Northwest Hospital. Not only do I need volunteer hours to get into nursing school, I just think it’s a great way to gain experience in a hospital setting and learn the lingo. I’m so excited for this opportunity and am looking forward to getting to know the ins and outs of the hospital.

I’m officially working now as a receptionist at a nearby assisted living. I had my first overnight shift last weekend and have my next one tomorrow night. I’m not crazy about the hours but it’s a paycheck and it’s temporary and I’m grateful for that. I’ll be going in on Monday as well to be trained as I will be taking over the day shift for a bit while the main receptionist goes on maternity leave so I’m excited to get some hours in (that are day shift of course).

Winter quarter starts Monday and I’m signed up for an online nutrition class and wait listed for an online math class. I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting in, though, as the teacher emailed me pretty much saying so. So I’ll have those on my docket as well.

photo 2Things are about to be crazy and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m just ready to grab life by the horns and dive right in. The one thing I’ve always known but have never known to be more true than this past year is that if you want something then go out and get it. If you’re unhappy with something then do something about it! I sound like some cheesy ass motivational speaker but I just can’t stress it enough. Trust yourself! You CAN do anything you want.

As I’ve said before – YOU are the only person who can change your life.

What are you waiting for?

Cheers to 2015! New year, new you. Go get it.

3 thoughts on “To the New Year

  1. I love this post! I’m so proud of you for everything you have accomplished and all that you will accomplish in 2015! I’m proud that you took a risk by quitting your job and following your dream! I know that you’re going to do great! I’m so happy to hear that you were able to get into the nutrition class you needed and are pretty sure you’ll get into the math class you need also. That’s great news! Also, congrats on your volunteer gig! You’re going to be a great nurse!

    I’m also happy to see that running a half is on your to do list for 2015! Hopefully we’ll be able to run something together this year!!!

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