Bike Rides in Rain City

I guess it goes without saying – I live in a rainy city. Seattle is known for its rain but it’s usually a nice light mist or drizzle. Not the torrential downpour that most movies and out of towners like to romanticize us with.

Yesterday was my very first day of school. It was also the first day of fall as well as a day that the weather decided to not mist or drizzle. No, it RAINED. I knew it was raining when I woke up to get ready and though it slightly annoyed me I didn’t actually think much of it. I showered, dried my hair and got into my biking gear thinking everything would be fine. I wouldn’t get that wet, I’d change when I got to school and I’d still look like a decent human when I walked into my classroom.


I think I stood on my porch for just a moment thinking how bad the rain was, but I was so nervous about the ride, getting to class on time and class in general I didn’t even think about how – in hind site – the entire thing was just a dumb idea.

But after a few seconds, I walked into the street, got onto my bike and headed to school.

The ride was just awful. Forget the whole 2 training rides I had done that week and the week before. I had an additional 20 pounds on my back in the form of my backpack, loaded with school supplies, a change of clothes, and hygiene necessities for cleaning up after a bike ride. Not to mention the fact that my legs are not yet in biking shape and I was just hurting the whole way there. But, lucky for me, my thoughts kept me occupied and less focused on the situation happening in front of me. A few things I learned yesterday:

1 – my biking jacket is NOT waterproof

2 – neither is my backpack

3 – matter of fact, nothing I had with me was

4 – fenders wouldn’t have made a damn difference had I had them on my bike

5 – I wasn’t the ONLY crazy biker on the road – I saw 2 others on my way to school

6 – if I put my mind to it – I actually can make it up that big ass hill on my own, even with an additional 20 pounds strapped to my back (small victory!)

I arrived on campus and rode up to the bike rack as campus employees were setting up a tent for the rain. They just stared at me like I was an idiot and one of them said “Great day for a bike ride, huh?”

Yes indeed good sir.

I wish I would’ve taken a picture of what I looked like right after I got off my bike but honestly, EVERYTHING was wet. Everything. And I was in a shitty mood and worried about drying off and getting into class on time I just tried to haul ass so I wouldn’t be late. I was soaked completely through. I can’t emphasize this enough – COMPLETELY. The shower I had taken not 30 minutes before had been a complete waste of time. It was as if I had jumped into a pool.

Here I am AFTER I had changed clothes and dried off a bit. Notice my wet hair.

photo 1

I was thankful that my clothes weren’t wet, however my other shoes were, which combined with my wet hair made for a very cold first few hours of class. I was also disappointed to learn that my school supplies had gotten wet as well and now there is water damage to my notebooks. *sigh*

After class I debated whether or not to ride home in the clothes I had on but decided it would probably be more uncomfortable than changing back into my biking clothes. Well, it definitely wasn’t comfortable changing into the wet clothes, but I do think I made the right decision.

Last night my dad was kind enough to drop off his extra car at our house for me to use. I was very disappointed because I had wanted this whole bike thing to work out. I knew that one bad day shouldn’t let me change my mind completely about what I wanted to do, but after seeing the list of books I needed to buy (eight of them!) and knowing I would need to get a nursing kit, I wondered how I could possibly carry all of that on my back. I think I was ready to give up and never do it again, but now that I’m dry, warm and thinking more clearly, I do think I may attempt to ride to school again. I would just like to buy some panniers to help with the lugging of books or maybe get a better idea of what I’ll need on a daily basis. Despite my bad day, I would still like to incorporate biking into my work outs and possibly my daily life. It just would’ve been better during the summer.

Besides, as my wonderful biking group so kindly pointed out – rule #5 or #9 in the bikers manual: “If you are out riding in bad weather, it means you are a badass. Period.”


School is going well so far. I am extremely excited and frightened at the amount of homework I already have.

photo 2


My homework the first night was reading a 93 page workbook on HIV/AIDS.

photo 3

Nobody told me that getting into medicine meant I’d be learning a whole new language as well, although, I should’ve known. Tonight is my Friday as our CPR courses are split into 2 groups and I was picked for next Friday. So this “Friday” night I am making flash cards of the different medical terms, taking an at home, open book HIV/AIDS test that is surprisingly difficult despite the “open book”, and will eventually read Chapters 1-4 in my workbook and take all 4 chapter tests – by Monday. Thank god for 3 day weekends.

Until next time – stay dry.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 2.38.47 PM

8 thoughts on “Bike Rides in Rain City

  1. OMFG lady. Yikes. You’re already having to take a test? They mean business at your school! How did your CPR training go?

  2. I think this might be called Baptism by Rain. I am wowed by your determination and positivity. You can do this! And, yes, you are bad-ass!

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