Connor’s Story

A few weeks ago I pulled out my old breast pump for my husband to fix. As soon as I saw it time seemed to stop and I was transported back to the time I had used it last, nearly a year ago. I was overcome with emotion and began to cry. It had nothing … More Connor’s Story

Thoughts While Doing the Rock n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon 2019

In 2015 I posted a similar blog entry about the thoughts that went through my head as I ran the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon sans music. Unfortunately the thoughts I had this year were not as positive or fun. With my complete lack of training all I cared about was simply getting to … More Thoughts While Doing the Rock n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon 2019

Back to Square One

My New Year’s Resolution was to run three times per week in the month of January in an attempt to reintroduce myself to running. Running is something I’ve been passionate about for some time, but as some of you know, I developed plantar fasciitis a few year’s ago and after that my runs were few … More Back to Square One

Boudoir Photo Shoot

I’m struggling with how exactly to begin this blog entry. So I guess I’ll just come right out and say it: I did a Boudoir photo shoot. Why was I struggling with how to open this? Honestly, I have no idea what the general opinion on Boudoir is. I try to remember how I felt … More Boudoir Photo Shoot

Bedroom Renovation

Well, I am finally on summer break from school. Which means two things. One – I can update here more and two – we are renovating our bedroom. It will be a fairly similar process to when we renovated our spare room, which you can look back on in my entry Spare Room, only this time we … More Bedroom Renovation

The Unseen Battle

Every Friday I go to class and then directly to work. I try my damndest to get to work as quickly as possible. Sometimes luck is on my side and other times not. I was on my way this morning making decent time when I got behind a Pontiac that was driving a bit too … More The Unseen Battle

Thoughts While Doing The Rock n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon

So I finally accomplished another thing on my list of New Year’s Resolutions – run a half marathon! Yesterday I ran in the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. This whole time I thought my next blog entry would be about the things I wish I had known, or the things I had done better … More Thoughts While Doing The Rock n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon