Book Signings and Bike Swaps

Despite having started school this past Wednesday my weekend was busier than I had anticipated. That’s not exactly a bad thing, especially since I got all of my homework done on Friday night (YAY!) but I have my first test coming up next Monday and needless to say I’m already a bit stressed.

photo 4
Hollownton Homicide

But after hitting the books hard for three days straight, I figured a little fun was in order. Saturday evening Matt and I went to Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park to support my friend Gretchen at her book signing. She’s just published her THIRD book and it was so exciting to see her talking about her new book and answering questions.

photo 5
Gretchen and I with her latest book, Hollownton Homicide

Of course, I had to buy a copy and get it signed! I am so excited to start reading Hollownton Homicide and highly recommend you grab your own copy here.

Sunday morning Matt, his dad Jay, and I decided to hit up the Cascade Bicycle Club Seattle Bike Swap. They typically have it in February, but this year it snowed and caused a lot of people to miss it, because you know – when it snows an inch in Seattle the entire city shuts down. The past 2 years since Matt and I have been together, he’s been a vendor so this was a different experience for him and myself, as this year I was actually in the market for biking gear. After my bike ride in rain city on the first day of school, I learned the following:

photo 1
Obligatory Space Needle picture

1 – I will not be biking to school in the rain again – probably

2 – I could not continue to bike to school with a heavy backpack on

3 – as the weather gets colder I will most likely need gloves (and other necessities)

So I set out in search of a bike rack, panniers, gloves and a light.

photo 3
My loot from the Bike Swap!

Since it’s the end of biking season it came as no surprise to see that there weren’t as many vendors there or even as many people shopping as there typically is in February as biking season is about the begin. But none the less, I found everything I needed – and then some!

photo 4
Brian with Velo Gioielli

While we were looking around, I noticed a vendor who had all sorts of beautiful bike art and jewelry. We got to talking and come to find out he makes his living off his art and had come up all the way from Portland to sell at the swap. His name is Brian and he founded the company called Velo Gioielli. We even had matching t-shirts that I had gotten at a different vendor. Apparently they’re from Portland, too, and he is friends with them. I strongly recommend checking out his website for gifts for the biker lover in your life as well as Microcosm Publishing where we got the shirts!

photo 4
Window pendant from Velo Gioielli

I ended up buying a beautiful window pendant from him for the house. The picture I have doesn’t do it justice.

I also took a few pictures of his booth. Beautiful pieces of art with stained glass. Amazing.

photo 3
Velo Gioielli booth

All in all it was a successful and exhausting trip to the swap. I can’t wait to try out all the new stuff I got at the swap, especially my pannier!

Be sure to come check out the Seattle Bike Swap in February! Matt and I will be there selling all sorts of fun things!

Until next time – stay classy Seattle.



4 thoughts on “Book Signings and Bike Swaps

    1. Actually I meant to text you and forgot. I think you should come with us in February. I mean, maybe not WITH us because we’ll be there before it opens to set up, but you definitely need to come by.

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