Looking Back at 2014!

I am currently on my second overnight shift at work and am giving myself the creeps when I am not concentrating on something. So to keep myself busy and awake I have decided to copy my friend Tricia and do a review of 2014 entry.

Without further ado – a look back at 2014:


1507812_10151872957612197_2003504419_nCelebrated two years with Matthew. He is the longest relationship I have ever had and it’s obvious to me now why none of my other relationships ever lasted for very long. He puts up with my shit and is so easy to be with. Relationships shouldn’t be that damn difficult. I’m happy to say with certainty that I will be spending the rest of my life with him. When you know – you just know. 🙂

1604379_10151882753292197_787857892_nWe tore down the walls in our spare bedroom! After sitting on this project for over a year – we finally started getting our spare bedroom revamped. Although we still are not completely done, it looks a lot better than it did. Just a few final touches and we’ll be able to call this a working room!


febCelebrated the Seahawks return from winning the Super Bowl with a parade in the feezing cold downtown. Hours after it was over – Westlake Station was still crowded and backed up all the way to mezzanine level – something I doubt happens often, if ever. Thankfully my friend Megan came to my rescue and drove me home!

feb2 vday dinnerI tried oysters for the first time in my life for Valentine’s Day dinner made at home with Matt. They weren’t terrible, but I don’t think I care to try them again.


marchCelebrated my brother’s 26th birthday with my family!

1962611_10151997387082197_1900829371_nGained a new outlook on life.


april2Had a fun biker BBQ get together with Matt’s crazy bike riding buddies.

aprilCame home to a “surprise” from Matt. A nice big pile of dirt so we can redo our backyard.



10356499_10202073829227465_1550909904_nCelebrated Mother’s Day at the Mariners game!

mayRan into my childhood best friend randomly at a bar.

may2Went to Matt’s friends wedding in which he was the best man.


june1Was stalked by a random baby crow and its parents who decided to raise their child in our front yard. This continued all summer long.

june2Headed to Wenatchee for the Apple Century bike ride for another biker family getaway. Stopped in Leavenworth for beer and brats of course.

june3And headed to a beautiful winery for some wine tasting.

juneHad what I thought was my last day at The Westin to go to school full time – only to find out at 1pm that day that summer quarter classes for school were cancelled! This is why you don’t burn bridges people – they took me back with open arms. This picture was before the devastating news.


july1Spent some quality time with Tricia wine tasting.

july5Opened our very first bottle of home brewed beer! It was delicious!

july4Went to Portland for another biker getaway. This time the STP (Seattle to Portland bike ride).

july2Headed to a Mariners game with my loves!

julyAnd spent some quality time with my brother.


augustGot dolled up for my aunt’s wedding at the beach!

augSpent a few days in Vancouver, B.C. for yet another biker family getaway. This time for the RSVP (Ride Seattle to Vancouver and Party!)



septHad my official last day of work at The Westin. It was bittersweet.

sept1Channeled my Susie homemaker skills and canned Jalapenos during my time off between work and school. Made for a great and easy Christmas gift!

sept2Started school!


oct1Took a weekend getaway to Matt’s grandparents cabin on Vashon. No – this one was not biking related!

octEmbraced fall and the beautiful colors. This is my favorite tree on campus.


nov1Had dinner with my mama and my favorite ex work mom!

nov2Had dinner again with some amazing old coworkers!

novPainted the walls in our spare room!

10421478_10152432683207197_5228375886380728315_nDid a memorial 5k run.

nov4Volunteered and ran in the Greenlake Gobble. It was literally POURING down rain almost the entire time we were volunteering before the run. But the rain eventually stopped and the weather was perfect for a nice run.nov3


decGraduated from the NAC program!


dec3Planned and celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday in style!

dec5Did the Holiday Fun Run with dad and Sean!

dec1  dec2Drove an hour and a half to the Olympic National Forest to cut down a Christmas tree!

dec7Went on a chocolate factory tour for my birthday.

dec8Started my first medical field related job.

2014 was a crazy year – I’m so excited for what 2015 has in store. Make it a great year!

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