Thoughts While Doing the Rock n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon 2019

In 2015 I posted a similar blog entry about the thoughts that went through my head as I ran the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon sans music. Unfortunately the thoughts I had this year were not as positive or fun. With my complete lack of training all I cared about was simply getting to the finish line. If I completed it in less than three hours then that’d be cool, too. Two days later and I’m still sore. My second half marathon was not a walk in the park but I am happy to say it has not dissuaded me from wanting to do another one.

Here are the thoughts I had during my second half marathon – again without music.

On my way to the start line:

Start line for the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon and Half

Gotta pee, gotta pee. WHY is this happening to me AGAIN? I always have to pee. I’ll have to find a porta potty along the route.

Mile 1 – 2:

Hey we’re going to run past the Westin. There’s a bunch of people out in front. I wonder if I’ll know anybody. Hey I recognize that lady! Hey! A porta potty with no line!

Mile 3-4:

Why does that say 5k? I thought the 5k was yesterday. This doesn’t make any sense. OH! They’re saying we’ve run a 5k! Is that barefoot Elvis?

Mile 4-5:

This is getting hard. I’ll walk for a bit. I’m in no hurry. Is that lady running in socks and sandals? She’s putting me to shame.

Mile 5-6:

Definitely should’ve run longer than 4 miles to prepare for this. Everything hurts. I think I’ll walk again. Oh look it’s mom and Jay! Damn they seem perky. This sucks. Look at all those fallen military. Things could be so much worse. Perspective.

Mile 7-8:

I’m going to run until I pass the mile 7 marker. Boy I’m in a lot of pain. How am I going to get through this? Is that Matt and Jay? How nice of them to come cheer me on! I wish I had been running instead of walking when they saw me. I need to stretch again.

Crossing mile marker 9:

Walk, run, walk, run, walk, run. Every step hurts. My phone vibrated. Sean is finished. YAY! I hate this.

Mile 9.5:

My phone says mom just crossed mile marker 10. Where is mile marker 10? Am I far behind her? Keep running! You can catch her. No you can’t. Everything hurts. Where is mile 10?! There it is!

Mile 10:

You got this! Only two more mile! No problem! You can do it, you can do it! Oh here’s the hill everyone was talking about. Wait – that’s not a hill. That’s a 90 degree angle. WHO DESIGNED THIS COURSE?!

Mile 10-11:

Why the hell did I think I had two miles left? 13.1 miles Jenica. Three miles. Crap, I don’t have this. This hill sucks. Stupid Queen Anne. Stupid hill. WHO DESIGNED THIS DAMN COURSE!?

Mile 10.5:

This hill goes on FOREVER! Look at all those kids from St. Jude. Stop crying!

Mile 11:

Finally! Two miles left. Oh shut up spectator. We are not almost to the top. That’s what someone else said like 5 minutes ago. I hate you. I hate you. Oh there’s the top!

Mile 11-12:

It’s all downhill from here they said! Wow, it really is downhill. This is too downhill. No one can run down this. Okay let’s walk slowly and painfully down these steep ass hills. Is that another hill? WTF? WHO DESIGNED THIS DAMN COURSE?!

Mile 12:

Oh my god I am almost done. I can do this. Everything hurts so much. Let me stop and stretch.

Girl I’ve been yoyoing with runs past me. “Come on girl, let’s go.”

F*&^. Okay. Thanks girl I needed that. Why is there another hill? This is RIDICULOUS! Oh there’s the split for the marathoners. Why is it at mile 12? WHO DESIGNED THIS COURSE?! Oh my god there’s the finish line. I can do this. Pick it up. Run it out. You got this!

Unofficial time: 02:57:18.

And the tears fell.

Another half marathon in the books!

Keep training Seattle!

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